Unboxing the logistics juggernaut at Radiant

"Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning." ~ WINSTON CHURCHILL

At Radiant, the concept of logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) follows the age old adage of “Womb to Tomb” i.e. from conception to demise. We follow world class established concepts and principles of logistics to ensure 100% availability of incoming and outgoing material at all times, thus ensuring zero downtime and delays, both to our internal and external stakeholders (customers). Our logistics and SCM functions are looked after by a dedicated, dynamic and experienced team of die-hard professionals who understand the criticality of keeping things running as per a predesignated plan and ensuring no gaps between the demand and supply ecosystems.


This vital aspect of logistics and SCM is staffed by a very experienced and capable team that keeps a hawk’s eye on each and every shipment that is destined for Radiant from various corners of the world. Tracking anything that is consigned to radiant using the sea, air and land routes, the team uses real time tracking to update the factory on the latest status and current location of every shipment so as to provide real time updates to enable a sound advance planning for all other teams in the factory.

Production Planning Control (PPC)

This critical function is staffed by a young, energetic and dynamic team of millennials who understand complex technologies and mathematical models to provide cent percent continuity to our daily production operations at the factory. The team is overlooked by the senior management of the SCM team and interacts on a daily basis with all internal and external stakeholders to provide sound, logical and practical plans for daily operationalising and implementation at the shop floors.

Incoming Warehouse

Radiant boasts of network of vast smart, well connected (physically and online) warehouses that uses industry best proprietary Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). Following the concept of First In – First Out (FIFO) our warehouses ensure industry leading figures of inventory turnover rates besides ensuring least material losses and best figures of Just in Time (JIT). All put together, the incoming warehouses maintains accurate and timely feeding of raw materials to the production lines on daily basis thus ensuring highest levels of productivity and zero downtime.

Outgoing Warehouse

Our outgoing material warehouse stocks our high quality finished goods that are created with much love, dedication and strict quality controls by the operations team. This warehouse is competent to track each and every item ever produced at Radiant on a real time basis and slot despatches at any time slot in the day or night based on the customer’s requirements and demand. A highly agile and advanced software based vehicle tracking system ensures the seamless movement of every truck from entry till exit from the factory premises while a fully automated operational flow from receipt from the production lines till actual despatch ensures 100% adherence to the daily dispatch rates and provides much needed customer delight to our esteemed customers.

Radiant believes that sound logistics and SCM operations are the backbone of a capable, competent and highly agile organisation and thus provides the necessary hardware and software infrastructure to ensure seamless and coordinated logistics operations 365 days throughout the year. Come rain or sunshine, day or night, our logistics wheel is rolling 24 x 7 to achieve our values of Adaptive, Agile and Savvy in everything that we do.