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Job Role:  In - Charge Learning and Development

Education:  Any Graduation

Experience:  6+ years of experience(Product/Manufacturing organizations)

Job Description:

  •  Be the trusted face of Learning &OD for the Business.

  •  Being Collaborative is a key requirement. Should have high social quotient and be able to be a STAR collaborator.

  •  Able to articulate the learning strategy and offerings in ways that make sense to the business.

  •  Be Up-To Date on changing trends to proactively build capabilities for the organization.

  •  Drive Learning in a fast-based VUCA set-up. Be able to leverage design learning models that best fit the organizations appetite.

  •  Completely responsible for branding and building asks in the business for learning. Be able to Drive Purpose for learning aligning to business needs.

  •  Create & roll out processes and training solutions to promote learning across levelsthat have a solid impact on the business strategy.

  •  Engage with Business and be a learning and org development consultant. Play the Learning Advisor.

  •  Monitor and evaluate the learning interventions, programs, metrics, adoption, coverage.

  •  Where needed identify & drive content creation programs in different business units resulting from analysis of learning needs.

  •  Drive applied innovation processes and governance for bottom up ideation.

  •  Drive capability building programs that help build innovation culture within the organization.

  • Job Role:  Production Head

    Education:  B.tech/Diploma

    Experience:  10+ years of experience

    Job Description:

    •  Envision production operations and plan accordingly - Coordination with planning and purchase department and ensuring that the production target is        met.

    •  Planning for D+4 days.

    •  Ensure to manage the input to output ratio of stock and final product. FTTOQC-OTD Targets achievement from time to time.

    •  Ensure operational efficiency - Training for smooth workflow and following procedures

    •  GYAT Meetings- ensure attending and resolving issues w.r.to production and achieving business goals.

    •  Manpower planning, aligning to the day-to-day targets and coordinating with talent acquisition team for ensuring execution of smooth production        activities.

    •  Delegation of work to the respective teams to execute the current day's target and ensure accountability of the immediate reportees is established.

    •  Monitor the work execution and facilitate if any abnormalities found and ensure targets are met. Recognize the contributors and motivate them for        better performance

    •  Ensure implementation of 5S Standards and KAIZEN

    •  Cost Per Product Maintenance and Cost Improvement in due course.

    •  OPEX Management vs. Allotted Cost center Budgeting.

    •  Always speaks in a common language, preferably English, and encourage the team to speak in a common language so that multilingual        communication gaps are addressed.

    • Job Role:  Production Shift Incharge

      Education:  B.tech/Diploma

      Experience:  6 - 10 Years

      Job Description:

      •  Before the shift starts- checks the kits and the necessary equipment to be in place (material from stores need to be taken on time by line managers - Back cover input - All required materials to be checked - Fixing on the lines - Check Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) - Model wise SOPs to be in place)

      •  Ensures MRR rejection report is maintained. Ensures line managers check the lines and plans the manpower model-wise. Makes frequent surprise checks.

      •  Ensures that the manpower count and allocation of operators are done as per need. Updation of skill matrix and skill cards to be in place.

      •  Takes complete responsibility for the line leaders, sub-leaders, and operators, ensures line leaders report 15min before the shift start time, always spends quality time with line leaders, and makes them understand the work expectations vis-a-vis career growth

      •  Always ensures 5 S is implemented in the entire production area. Orients, trains, and reorients the line leaders/sub-leaders about the job to be carried out and the importance of 5 S implementation.

      •  Ensures to report to work 30 min before the team arrives and conducts meetings with CFTs and line leaders. Plans for the current day and factors the previous day's rejections to monitor the entire production. Follows up with line leaders on the agreed plan for the shift.

      •  Keeps an eye on attrition, takes necessary steps to retain trained and good resources. Needs to come up with a strategy to retain trained workers and builds line leaders in such a way that they develop managerial capabilities.

      •  Ensures that the manpower is physically fit before inducting them into the assembly line. Train the line leaders/sub-leaders so that operators are trained and monitored beforehand. Subsequently, monitor the trained operators on the job and give feedback to line leaders.

      •  Ensures hourly output is checked and ensures report is available in the designated system. A daily performance report should be in place.

      •  Line rejection needs to be controlled. Always comes up with ideas for minimizing line rejections while maintaining quality.

      •  Take necessary action as and when any breakdowns happen. Immediate communication to necessary departments and timely restart of the production line is a must.

      •  SAP confirmations to be done on daily basis. Kits have to be closed on time

      •  WMS (Warehouse Management System) - rejected material has to go through the WMS/SAP process. WIP both in the system (SAP) and physically has to be zero ends of the month

      •  KAIZEN has to be followed for improvements

      •  Always comes up with innovative rewards system not only restricted to cash rewards but also recognizing efforts like a pat on the back, creating employee of the day/week/month, etc. to improvise productivity

      •  Leads the team by example with self-discipline, well-groomed, highly performance-oriented.

      •  Always speaks in a common language, preferably English so that multi-lingual communication gaps are addressed.

      •  LCM & FA production line work ownership

      • Job Role:  Quality Manager

        Education:  B.tech

        Experience:  8 - 10 Years

        Job Description:

        •  Ensures OQC, Reliability, PQC, IQC process controls are done without any deviations.

        •  Monitors and takes necessary action based on Daily, Weekly, Monthly meeting with internal team (QQC, Reliability, PQC, IQC, etc.)

        •  Customer support: Analyze the customer feedback, review, and takes corrective action. Customer complaints have to be ensured 'zero' dead on arrival

        •  Conducts surprise checks across teams, ensures scheduling of internal audits

        •  Has to ensure the respective teams understand the inspection criteria (must adhere to customer inspection criteria)

        •  Builds and improvises systems for perfect data capturing at various levels. Ensures QSA QPA documentation. WPS & SAP foundation is done accurately.

        •  Always ensures 5S is implemented across teams. Gives suggestions and ensures forimprovements

        •  Suggests improvements in the process to CFT (cross-functional teams), etc. Also, drives the change for better output keeping respective teams in good team spirit

        •  Rework Management - Always aims towards no re-work as a first step. However, as the need may arise ensures rework is accurate and no quality issues in the rework.

        •  Quality Management System (QMS). ISO 9001 14001, 45001 maintain the systems accordingly.

        •  OQC, PQC, IQC, SQA, QMS Implementation of process and controls

        •  5S to be implemented

        •  Ensures OQC, Reliability, PQC, IQC process controls are done without any deviations.

        • Job Role:  Process Engineer

          Education:  B.tech

          Experience:  6 - 10 Years

          Job Description:

          •  Evaluates manufacturing processes by designing and conducting research programs; applying knowledge of product design, fabrication, assembly, tooling, and materials; conferring with equipment vendors; soliciting observations from operators.

          •  Develops manufacturing processes by studying product requirements; researching, designing, modifying, and testing manufacturing methods and equipment; conferring with equipment vendors.

          •  Improves manufacturing efficiency by analyzing and planning workflow, space requirements, and equipment layout.

          •  Assures product and process quality by designing testing methods; testing finished- product and process capabilities; establishing standards; confirming manufacturing processes.

          •  Provides manufacturing decision-making information by calculating production, labor, and material costs; reviewing production schedules; estimating future requirements.

          •  Prepares product and process reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends.

          •  Provides manufacturing engineering information by answering questions and requests.

          •  Keeps equipment operational by coordinating maintenance and repair services; following customers' instructions and established procedures; requesting special service.

          •  Maintains product and process database by writing computer programs; entering data.

          •  Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

          • Job Role:  Line Leader

            Education:  Diploma

            Experience:  2 - 5 Years

            Job Description:

            •  Leads a team of sixty (60) employees and 3rd party associates on the Production assembly Line.

            •  Plans the daily manpower requirement for running the line based on the model being run.

            •  Ensures the availability of all material required for running the production lines.

            •  Responsible for developing and improving the skill matrix of all the line operators.

            •  Takes complete responsibility for all the sub-leaders and operators under him

            •  Ensures punctuality and attendance of all the personnel under his assembly line.

            •  Ensures the implementation of 5S practices in his assembly line.

            •  Attends daily improvement meetings before and after shift start time to understand the Root Cause of any downtime in production.

            •  Tracks the daily attendance and reports cases of absenteeism to the Production Manager for further redressal.

            •  Responsible for On the Job training of all new inductees into the assembly line and allotment of assembly stations as per skill matrix of the new joiner.

            •  Inputs and maintains the daily production report of his respective assembly line with a special focus on individual productivity and output.

            •  Responsible to ensure the highest standards of workmanship to achieve minimal line rejections.

            •  Leads the team by example with self-discipline, is well-groomed, and always performance-oriented.

            • Job Role:  Deputy Manager For FG

              Education:  Any Graduation

              Experience:  6 - 10 years

              Job Description:

                Strategy Planning:

              • Formulating pre-planned developmental strategies for achievement of goals and targets by identifying & developing new avenues for long term growth
              • Supply Chain Management/ Logistics Management

              •  Managing Distribution network/Supply chain for distributing goods in plants/Warehouse to the desired destinations for achievement of targets within        specified Parameters.

              •  Ensuring seamless logistics function to achieve optimum stock levels at plants in accordance with the pre-planned targets, Route planning/profit        maximization plan for plant/port/warehouse/ Distribution Centre through Linear Programming.

              •  Taking adequate measures to monitor and analyse the performance of operations pertaining to cost, quality and delivery norms.

              •  TAT monitoring & plan for improvement & dispatch accuracy as per invoice.

              •  Knowledge of EXW compliance to avoid any future claims.

              • Commercial Affairs

              •  Supervising matters pertaining to gst & other government compliances by necessary documentation, Securing speedy release of dispatch orders,        obtaining various approvals and sanctions.

              •  Liaising with Internal Department for compliance with various regulation of Exim Policy.

              • Team Management

              •  Understanding the goals and expectations that management has for team. Educating the team about the objectives by communicating clearly about        their roles, responsibilities and deadlines.

              •  Assess the strength and weakness of each team member by initially assigning simple work. Evaluate their performance and their ability to meet the        deadline. Delegate work accordingly based on the skill and interest level of each person.

              • People Management

              •  At least 20 people team handling experience with per manpower output analysis skills

              •  Motivational behaviour to encourage the ground staff to participate in every work to achieve the management targets.

              • SAP Management

              •  Material’s complete work flow process start from material creation to MIRO booking

              •  MM & SD knowledge must SO flow to invoice creations.

              • Inventory management

              •  Importance of FIFO pattern dispatches & implications of non-compliance

              •  Follow with stake holder to minimizing the stock to avoid capital block.

              •  ABC analysis, material aging. Monthly/Weekly stock reconciliations.

              • Other Skills

              •  MS Excel- Micros, Grouping, VB will added advantage

              •  Analytical skills pertaining to output & operational performance

              •  Presentation & strong communication skills to flaw less communication.

              •  5s, YNY analysis, Kaizen culture, time management.

              • Job Role:  Raw Material Warehouse Executive

                Education:  Any Graduation

                Experience:  2 - 10 years (SAP Experience is mandatory)

                Job Description:

                •  Responsible for FA and LCM warehouse management

                •  Receiving raw material and placing in warehouse with proper coding. Finished goods from production to warehouse, storage of finished goods

                •  Accuracy - Raw material and finished goods physical inventory - piece to piece

                •  As per SAP transactions- pull list material picking and posting in SAP and also WMS. Give it to production line

                •  Total inbound, import and local material physical inventory checking

                •  Manage entire warehouse staff for better productivity and seamless operations

                •  Ensure Goods Receipt Note (GRN) to be submitted to finance team

                •  SAP in WIP status update is a must

                •  Weekly physical stock verification

                •  Warehouse - total 5 S setting and bin card updating and First In First Out (FIFO) stickers should be placed

                •  Ensures every two hours executives are checking the inventory status - like boxes open condition, good/bad condition (few parts like open cell, back        panel , main board, diaframe, prism)

                •  Ensures to give in bound material as per BOM issue to IQC inspection

                •  Ensure right product is received from production. No damaged product should be taken. Data has to be scanned and recorded

                •  Storage - handling product wise, no mix up (product mix up) should happen. Rack storage and Pallet storage- appropriate storage and specifications        should be followed

                •  Adhere to the timelines of the dispatch- dispatch accuracy (shortage / damages should not be there)

                •  Always speaks in a common language, preferably English so that multi lingual communication gaps are addressed.