Joy of Giving Week

  • Over the course of the Joy of Giving Week, our employees and 3rd party workers come together to help the deserving. We donate a range of items to the Care Warriors Foundation, an orphanage that provides shelter to more than 30 parentless boys and girls in Hyderabad.

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Donated Oxygen Concentrators & N-95 Masks

  • Sri Raminder Singh Soin, Managing Director, Radiant Appliances & Electronics Pvt Ltd has visited Commissioners office and donated (5) Oxygen Concentrators (1-7 Litres) and 2000 N-95 masks to City Police.The Commissioner of Police ,Hyd. appreciated and thanked Mr Raminder Singh.

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corporate social responsibility

At Radiant, CSR is an integral part of our work culture. We believe that true progress can be achieved only by contributing to the welfare of society. Our goal is to create a positive change that benefits the people around us, society and the planet. We shall strive to create a healthier world and enrich lives of all our stakeholders through our CSR initiatives.

CSR Vision: To increase employee alignment with our values and mission, and to make them feel more connected with the environment and society.

CSR Mission:

  •  Be a responsible organisation in every way possible

  •  Empower the marginalised by generating livelihood opportunities within our factory

  •  Provide access to healthcare to the less privileged through medicine donation and other health initiatives/projects in the vicinity of the factory

  •  Help improve literacy by supporting local schools and education initiatives

  •  Encourage employees to volunteer and provide disaster relief to affected areas

CSR Policy:

Radiant Appliances´┐Ż goal is to make a positive contribution to society and focus on sustainability. We will strive to create a happier, healthier environment for all our stakeholders and the community we exist in through our CSR initiatives.

  •   Responsible Organization : We will set the standard for social responsibility and environmental sustainability in the EMS industry in India.

  •   Empowerment : We will drive and sustain empowerment of women in the factory catchment areas by providing clean, hygienic, safe and lucrative work opportunities to them.

  •   Healthcare : We will partner with local PHCs, hospitals and medical care centres to donate medicines to those suffering from common ailments as well as life-threatening diseases.

  •   Education : We will partner with local schools and other educational establishments to help young children from underprivileged families complete their education.

  •   Employee Volunteering : We will encourage our employees to volunteer for CSR activities and reward the best contributors.
  •   Disaster Relief : We will be at the forefront of organising relief camps in the vicinity of the factory in the event of natural or man-made disasters.

Implementation and Monitoring :

  •   All our projects will be implemented through the LCGC Resolute group along with other NGO partners, government bodies and social institutions.

  •   Need based assessments will be conducted before the commencement of projects.

  •   Quarterly reports and monitoring will be done against the agreed deliverables.

  •   Impact assessments will be conducted to review qualitative and quantitative impact on communities.

  •   Our monitoring process will ensure that the allocated CSR corpus is spent for only the intended purpose.

Budgets :

  •  All projects will be presented and approved at the annual planning and budgeting meet.

  •  Any surplus arising out of the CSR activities will not be a part of the business profits of our company.

Goverance :

  •  The CSR Committee of the Board will be responsible for governance of CSR initiatives. The CSR Committee will review the progress of the various CSR initiatives.

Reporting of CSR Initiatives :

  •  Our engagement will be disseminated on our website, as well as via annual reports, CSR reports, in-house journals and through the media.

Management Commitment :

  • The management and employees affirm their full commitment and support towards achieving the goals of the CSR policy.